The project 3DPrintoptixMarket aims to bring the most advanced customizable high-end micro-optics to the market. Using a novel 3D printing process, we will be able to manufacture intricate, multi-part micro-optics with exceptional quality and at competitive prices. Say goodbye to traditional manufacturing limitations, as we pave the way for a new era in the micro-optics market.








The 3D-printed micro-optics are currently being used in the smart glasses of our project partner Viewpointsystem by a number of industrial customers, enabling practical improvements. With smart glasses, the ability to customize the optics to fit different face shapes and individual eye characteristics is important. The flexibility of the 3D printing process makes it possible to further enhance the functionality and user experience of smart glasses at a manageable cost.


The goal of the project is to reduce the size of the micro-optics by a further 50 percent while maintaining the same optical quality. In addition, the printing time will be reduced by more than 70 percent to just a few minutes.


Our unique 3D printing process enables the cost-effective production of so-called "impossible parts" in micro-optics. 

Complex multi-part lens systems, including apertures and various components, are manufactured in one piece and in a single printing step, streamlining the production process that would require multiple steps and machines using classical methods. This opens up new design possibilities and technological innovations.

 The manufacturing process becomes not only significantly simpler and faster, but also more robust, as the assembly and mechanical alignment of the optical components are eliminated. 




From medical endoscopy to augmented reality, our 3D-printed lenses open up new
opportunities for advancement and efficiency. The flexibility and speed of production make
3D-printed micro-optics an attractive solution for companies and research institutions with
smaller quantities, as well as for large market players who want to equip their products
with individual optical components.

The production of the micro-optics, including the raw materials, is intended to take place exclusively in the heart of Europe, in the region of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. This allows companies to have a sustainable production process with short and controlled supply chains, as well as short transportation routes


PRINTOPTIX  designs, developes and fabricates unique micro-optical components on a scale from 10 µm to 2 mm and on a variety of substrates such as optical fiber tips, image sensors, or LEDs. We offer the whole process - from your idea for a micro-optical part to the finished and optimized product and even series production - under one roof. With over 10 years of experience in 3D-printing micro-optical components, we have developed a deep understanding of the challenges and especially the possibilities in designing and manufacturing micro-optical components and systems. 

VIEWPOINTSYSTEM combines pioneering technology development with scientific expertise in vision research. The Vienna-based deep-tech company develops and produces internationally award-winning smart glasses based on eye tracking. The smart glasses are used by B2B customers worldwide for remote support and maintenance, for training and documentation, as well as for research and analysis, among other things. As the inventor of Eye Hyper-Tracking and pioneer of Digital Iris technology, Viewpointsystem's goal is to deepen the interaction between people and the digital world and to make Mixed Reality more intuitive. Viewpointsystem.com

3DPrintoptixMarket has received funding from the European Innovation Council over athree-year period. The European Innovation Council is Europe’s flagship innovationprogram to identify, develop and scale up breakthrough technologies and game changinginnovations under Grant Agreement Number 101113140